The birth of Checkerr

By Tibor Halter on Dec 12, 2013

Let me invite you to be me. It's 2012, you are building and hosting websites. You are a perfectionist. The hard part is that things are never perfect. You can always get a lot closer by doubling your investments (time+money), but you will never be quite there.

Just into hosting a few of those websites, your inner voice starts getting louder. What if something breaks? What if one of the websites will go down only to be discovered months later? How can you ship new features at all if you have to check every single document of all your hosted sites to be able to have sweet dreams ever again?

Break it first

To get things off the ground, you are working with a good friend. He is new into web programming. You are teaching him, you two work together day and night. He improves. But he is not quite there yet. You have to work harder. Learn faster. But one thing doesn't change. You have to review and fix everything he has built, and it keeps taking a lot more time than to do it all by yourself.

Your dream is to raise a team who can move fast and create products that are insanely good - if not perfect. But if you will always need to double-check everything the team builds, it will never scale.

Later in the rush, you overlook some mistakes (invalid HTML code), and a client comes back with quality complaints. Although it is one of those issues most websites out there are full of, it feels like your ever worst nightmare is coming true. You are shipping product with questionable quality. You are a complete failure.

Beam of light

After pulling yourself together, you realize you only have one option. There is no way you can check for all the possible issues in everything you build. Even if you could, you would no doubt overlook some of them. But instead you could build a system to do that. One that does it automatically, frequently, without mistakes ever.


This was the main motivation which lead to the birth of Checkerr. It took a year to reach it's current form, and now that it is in place, I plan to start teaching it about various kinds of problems to look for.

It's a web based system so you can use it yourself for your own websites. Sign up through the home page and give it a try.

Built with love.