Change Log

  •   this icon stands for changes in our crawler engine (CheckerrBot)
  •   this icon stands for changes made on the front-end (this website)

2014 October
  •   5th generation, completely rearchitected crawler (faster, improved storage engine, improved test coverage)
  •   new error reported: unknown Transfer-Encoding
  •   new error reported: error while decoding Transfer-Encoded response

2014 September
  •   disable removing a report that has active subscription
  •   add full robots.txt support
  •   add test settings page with adjustable limit below the absolute maximum limit
  •   allow enabling/disabling respecting of robots.txt rules
  •   bugfix: robots.txt parser crashed if key with empty value was found

2014 August
  •   new feature: download URLs.csv
  •   remove some unneeded fields from csv report as it was too big
  •   optimize csv generation, it was too slow

2014 July
  •   bugfix: the calculation of new errors occasionally reported even old ones

2014 July
  •   bugfix: email activation link may have been broken if it contained special chars

2014 March
  •   introduced a test queue
  •   user interface redesign. Removed browse app due to it being to complex to learn. Replaced with a simple list centered user interface.

2013 December
  •   add image based usage page to docs
  •   www/non-www accessibility check
  •   add blog

2013 November
  •   4th generation, completely rearchitected crawler
  •   supporting sites with 100.000 URLs
  •   using 6xx status-codes internally for connection errors and the like
  •   broken link errors are now allocated to the non-existent documents, not the linking ones
  •   both www/non-www URLs are considered internal
  •   produces a consistent report even if url-limit is reached (prior it just got shut off)
  •   an order of magnitude faster response times (although it was already good..)
  •   supporting international sites (weird characters)
  •   error groups are removed, there are just erros now
  •   documents in the Browse app are now alphabetically sorted (bugfix)
  •   disallow login from non-supported browsers
  •   filters hide irrelevant documents (till now, only the error-cards were filtered)
  •   the selected document is always shown, even if it doesn't match the filter, so that links in/out entries can be followed
  •   home page redesign
  •   new subscription page, user-configurable url limit

2013 August
  •   tour improved
  •   improved error logging and notification service for ourselves - should anything go wrong
  •   highlighter tool moved to external domain due to security reasons

2013 July
  •   add product tour
  •   ignoring invalid SSL certificates. Up to now, external sites like google maps caused connection errors.

2013 June
  •   removed some test cases, to not test "random" things. Now we offer a full test package for the backbone of a website: its links structure. We well add more test packages as we get there.
  •   add non-techy explanation to all error cards
  •   add highlighter eye to links in/links out tabs in error browser
  •   handle forgotten password
  •   allow password-less login with emailed single-use login link
  •   user-accounts now need to be activated

2013 May
  •   introduced // for the curiuos. It may occasionally have bugs. It only affects the front-end. You may switch domains any time you want - just modify the URL.
  •   added checkerrbot to User-Agent header
  •   added on-site highlighter to help locating stuff (links, images..)
  •   added error-count + test-time to dashboard
  •   added in-app help to error cards (displayed below them)
  •   added logging system to better understand what is useful for you
  •   improved caching mechanism for faster page-loads in the Browse-app
  •   added Terms and Conditions, Impressum
  •   added Contact us page
  •   temporarily removed polling. It will come back later.

2013 April
  •   redesigned user interface - part I: new site structure & skin without content changes
  •   redesigned user interface - part II: Browse app with Path tab only
  •   redesigned user interface - part III: Browse app tabs: Details, Links in, Links out
  •   redesigned user interface - part IV: Browse app tabs: Errors, General, Usage
  •   the Browse app is fully functional, the Tree viewer is thus deprecated

2013 March
  •   retesting is now automated by a scheduler
  •   email notifications are now sent about newly discovered errors
  •   commercial plans (beta)

2013 February
  •   rebranded as //
  •   following frames
  •   introduced hops. Max hop limit 16
  •   URL limit of 25.000 URLs
  •   if the retest is queued, a text appears instead of the progress bar telling about it
  •   registration form added
  •   the filter state is now part of the URL -> RESTful (allowes for browsing the test results in multiple tabs)
  •   refactored front-end, high test coverage
  •   hops added to General Info
  •   max hop limit increased to 50 (from 16)
  •   open in new window links shown in the menu tree
  •   if the url ends with a slash, it is shown in the menu tree, hence a resource (url) may exist with, and another without it. Their children are only assigned to one of them.
  •   problem/solution added to each error listing
  •   user and site based url limits
  •   if /random-url-.. redirected to 404 error, which is ok, it was shown as an error. Fixed.
  •   various smaller bug fixes
  •   added CSV data export for polls

2013 January
  •   added dashboard page
  •   added error summary to dashboard
  •   added content-type distribution block to dashboard
  •   added polling chart to dashboard
  •   added left menu to most pages
  •   added docs page
  •   added checklist page to docs
  •   added polling page to docs
  •   added change log page to docs
  •   sitemap was not recognized in robots.txt if it was on the first line, fixed
  •   created custom error page (draft)
  •   ajaxified button: retest site
  •   added functionality: remove site
  •   the system now recognizes over a 100 MIME types (makes them human readable in the content-type distribution block)
  •   HTML documents with the noindex META tag are not checked for SEO errors any more
  •   checking validity of the robots META tag
  •   upon finding new errors an email notification is sent (this is yet an internal feature)
  •   rearchitected the crawler (v.3) for scalability
  •   for every linked domain, a DNS lookup is performed, and failures are reported accordingly
  •   linked errors are shown for redirected urls
  •   support for long redirect chains (reporting errors properly)
  •   support and error reporting for circular redirects
  •   random url highlights status code errors properly
  •   linked URLs which time out or result in connection errors are now properly logged into the Links error group (have been in Architecture previously)
  •   separated the polling engine from the crawler, which allowes to measure response times more accurately

2012 December
  •   database driven 2nd version with a web based front end

2012 September
  •   the very first beta, only finding broken links, generating CSV report