Find errors on your website

Why care?

Errors hurt both SEO and conversion rates, thus your bottom line.

What is tested?

- whether your website uses the "www" prefix properly
- whether your website handles missing files properly (should return 404)
- all links on internal pages are followed, broken links are reported (anchors, images, stylesheets, scripts, frames, iframes, maps, redirects)
- external URLs linked from internal pages are followed as well (and there we stop)
- documents burried too deeply are reported [16 hops]
- reports character-set errors
- reports content-encoding errors
- reports connection errors
- reports connection timeouts
- redirects are followed
- full session support
- HTTP, HTTPS protocols supported
Read more on the Checklist.

Email alerts

We run scheduled tests as well, you will receive email alerts about new errors. For free plans, you have to schedule the tests with a click of a button to run in a week, then come see the results (and re-schedule if you like).
Paid plans can fully automate the scheduler.

I am not a web developer

That's okay, Checkerr was designed for people like you. You will gain a new insight into your website, like a 6th sense. You will find an explanation for every issue we have found. Some, you will be able to fix yourself. The rest you will have to pass on for your developers.

I am a web developer

Cool, so are we! We know how you work: test, fix, then test again. You will find a retest button so you can always retest your site after having fixed it.