Checkerr shut down

Sorry for this, but I’m no longer maintaining It has shut down as of 2018.05.11.


  • Extremely few people really used it, as in, actually fixed errors on their websites.
  • Because of this, I stopped working on it, it went in maintenance mode. I had a server up and running anyway, so it didn’t cost much to operate it as a free service.
  • Or so I thought. Checkerr traded disk space for speed and development simplicity, so it was using the disk heavily (rotating disk). After 3 years on the current server, the disks (raid of 2) started to be worn out. This caused my main project that was hosted on the same server ( to sometimes not respond for ~10 seconds, which is not acceptable for the kind of service it is.

So I decided to pull the plug before replacing the drives.

Tibor Halter